How It Works


  • Choose from our wide range of Fit Meals. No minimum or maximum limits on preorders. Get 1 meal a day or all your meals for the week!
  • All preorders are to be made on or before each FRIDAY of every week. All orders can be made online, by phone, or in store!
  • For bulk ordering and inquiries about parties or office luncheons please call or email us directly at 504-494-0138 or


  • Pre-order pick-up is every MONDAY. Pick-up will last from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. every MONDAY night.
  • If you are unable to make pickup, we will hold your order for next day pick-up during our business hours.
  • If you’re a new customer or forgot to place you pre-order, we will always have our store front stocked with Fit Meals!


  • All pre-orders will go out on Monday nights
  • Delivery times will vary depending on the number of orders in your area
  • Our drivers are directed to send a text message to the number on file when they are approximately 10 minutes away. You do not need to respond to the message
  • If no one answers to receive the meals, our drivers will be directed to call and arrange another option. If still no answer, meals will be returned to the store for next day pickup. We will not be able to re-deliver.
  • All drivers will be wearing a Fit Kitchen Meals t-shirt or tank along with athletic bottoms and shoes. They should look presentable!
  • Fit Meals will be delivered in a study brown handed paper bag with your invoice attached.


  • If pre-ordering is not your thing or if your forgot our store will ALWAYS be stocked with ready-made Fit Meals!
  • We try to keep a variety of all menu options available. Breakfast meals too
  • If your NEW to Fit Kitchen and looking to get started come in and we would be more than happy to help
  • We offer plenty other ‘Fit’ goodies and services here

Hope to hear from you soon!



FIT KITCHEN is locally owned and operated since December, 2016. The storefront location opened in downtown, Thibodaux in January, 2018. The overwhelming appreciation and excitement from our clients over the past years to expand Fit Kitchen has been a true blessing for us, and we strive to continue to make Thibodaux and surrounding areas a healthier and happier place to live. For that, we thank you!

Fit Kitchen Meals encourages people to eat with a purpose. We aim to provide healthy, wholesome, balanced, and convenient meals to our customers that will promote both physical and mental wellness.

We use our nutrition background and creativity to embrace healthy eating by coming up with the best ways to keep the mind intrigued with eating fit and keeping the meals in specific MACRO categories.